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Assessment problems

=> No mobiles.
The assessment can only be opened and completed on a desktop, laptop and/or tablet; i.e. screens larger than a mobile phone. The assessment contains texts, figures and images that can only be displayed properly on larger screens.

=> Use the browsers Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

=> Requested files can only be uploaded in permitted file formats.
In the assessment you may be asked to provide files, for example a CV or a motivation letter. This can only be done in the indicated file format.

=> Requested files can be uploaded by dragging the file to the upload line or by clicking on the text "select".
In the assessment you may be asked to provide files, for example a CV or a motivation letter. 
You can 'drag' a file to the upload-icon or click on the text "select".
The upload line seems inactive, but it is not.

=> Packaged files (such as zip, 7z, rar) are not permitted.

=> Files larger than 10MB are not allowed.

=> Beware of popup blockers
The upload rule seems inactive, but it is not.
If you cannot upload, please check whether popup blockers are disabled for this site.

=> You can change files after you have completed the assessment.
First complete the assessment.
Then open the results screen and click on the "Details" link next to the question set you uploaded the files to.
In the next screen you can download your files and change (overwrite) them with new versions.

It is possible that the programme has configured that changing files is only possible up to x days before your intake appointment. In this case, please contact the programme.

=> It is not possible to change stored answers.
It is not possible in the assessment to go back to a previous question to change an answer. Also after completion, in the result screen, this is not possible. 

You can contact the programme when a complete reset of the assessment is desired.
It may be that the intake-team does not agree to this. 
However, remember that the questions are intended as input for an interview; it is not an exam. So you can still explain any wrong answers.

Not for use with assessments!