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Welcome to Saxion University of Applied Sciences!

You have applied for a study programme at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Saxion wants to prepare you as well as possible for what awaits you. Both for you and for us is it important that you choose a programme that really suits you. In order to get more insight into this, Saxion offers you a Meet&Greet or an Intake, depending on the programme. You will receive an e-mail from the programme-administration with more information about this.

Did you receive an invitation message in your e-mail from the programme-administration concerning the Meet&Greet or Intake?
Yes, then click on the SSO button below and log in with your Saxion's login details.
  • For Meet&Greet you can then go to the menu New Events.
  • For Intake you first need to make an assessment; go to menu Assessments.
  • For a SAM-appointment you can go to the menu New Events.
Didn't receive an invitation message?
Then first check your spam folder. Is there no invitation message in your spam folder, then please contact the programme-administration with the question if the invitation has already been sent. If the invitation hasn't been sent yet, you can't log in yet.

This program only works on a laptop, desktop or tablet in browser Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Mit dem Ausfüllen des Fragenbogens gibst du Saxion die Erlaubnis deine Ergebnisse einzusehen.
Diese Ergebnisse werden vertraulich behandelt und werden am Ende dieser Bewertung mit dir besprochen.

Not for use with assessments!